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11 - 525yen
28 - 1575yen

Made by Ozawa Confectioner LTD.
We deal in "Katayaki (hard baked cake)" traditionally made in Iga.

This cake is a sort of  "egg-flavored Japanese cracker"
which is very hard as expected from its name.
  In a sack of cracker,a miniature wooden hammer is
 enclosed for breaking Katayaki.
People who have a bad tooth should be very careful in
eating this cake.


Translation of excerpt taken from "Origin of Katayaki"

Our ancestors long lived in a village called Mita, located
north of Ueno-machi, in Iga, the provicne famous for its
military arts.  A special product suiting the province
was long desired.  One day, one of the ancestors was suggested by
the treasure of a sword guard (tsuba), and started
to sell a cracker named "tsubayaki (tsuba cracker)" .  This cake
is unique in that its hardness, which may be comparable to hardness of
iron in a sense, well represents bravery of Samurai's in Iga, and
its sweetness fully expresses the milk of human kindness of Sumrai's in Iga.
Fortunately, this cake enjoyed good reputaion, and came to be called "Katayaki"
from its hardness, ...

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