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Taste good flavor of our Japanese cakes,
which we currently ship to anywhere in Japan, and
you will believe that we enjoy good reputation
for the flavor of our products.


The good flavor of our Japanese cakes is based on "bean jam" 
made by boiling quality beans cropped in Hokkaido 
(adzuki-beans for red bean jam;  tebo-beans for white 
bean jam) with first-class white crystal sugar 
over a long time period.

Adzuki-beans used for "monaka (bean-jam-filled wafers)"
are "Dainagon" beans, so-called "red diamonds in the fields", 
the quality of which is appreciated by all who know. 

I hope you all know what the quality Japanese cake ("wagashi")
is like.

(Please note that currently, shipping is limited to within Japan).


The late Kiyoemon Tsuji who had been running an inn at a post town 
on the Ise Highway leading to the Ise Shrines, the most reverenced
shrines in Japan, changed his business to a confectioner of wagashi 
(Japanese cakes) for some unknown reason in 1906 to start TSUBAYA.

After World War II, the first successor, Hiroshi Tshuji, devised
an original method of making Wagashi, and "TSUBAYA, the confectioner
of Japanese Cakes" become widely known for its tasty products. 
Kisao Tsuji (63), the second successor of the family, is the present 

Yoshihito Tsuji (31), the to-be-third successor, who maintains these
pages, is under apprenticeship. 


TSUBAYA literally means "sword guard store".

Why does our shop have such a unique name? 
Our familiy, who was running the inn 
in the Edo era (1603-1867),
was famous for a sword guard 
("tsuba" in Japanese language) for 
a Japanese sword, which is somewhat
unique and has been transmitted from
generation to generation in our family as 
a family treasure.  
Presumaly, our ancestor's inn was called
 "Tsuba-ya" ("-ya" generally means"store
or place", and in this case, "inn")
in association with the unique Japanese sword guard.

Recently, we asked Mr. Kudoh, a history novel writer resident in 
Nachi-Katsuura-cho, Higashi-muro-gun, Wakayama pref. to juge
the "sword guard".  According to his expert opinion, the unique sword 
guard is a work by a famous sword smith named "Moheji Neudoh Munenori"
living in the middle of the Edo-era, and described in "Touken Youran 
(Swords Survey)" published by "Touken Bijuchu-kogei sha". 

The following is an exerpt from the publication:

"Munenori lived in Kitagawa, Nakayabusumi, Hikone, Gou-shu,
and known under the nom de plume of Moheji.  He was born in
Yahata-cho, Kyoto, and he initially curved "Hidenori" as his signature
on sword guards of his making.  He became a follower of Gotoh, and used 
another signature of Kitagwa Hidenori.  There remains a work by Munenori
made when he was 73 years old in Genroku-period (1688-1707).  His age at 
death was around 80.  He enjoyed longevity.  He is best skilled in
"marubori (carving in the round) sukasi (openwork), and inlaying with 
gold/silver and texture." 

Our wrapping paper is printed with images of this unique "tsuba"
by Moheji Muneroi.  You can recognize the uniqueness of his design
from the image. 

Our shop is:

Open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Closed on every Monday of each month.

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