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TSUBAYA Order Form


1.  Currently, shipping is limited to within Japan.
    An order for delivery to ouside Japan cannot be coped with.

2.  Delivery to a recipient will take about four days 
    after payment or tranfer of money is confirmed.
    (Steps (4) to (6) of Procedure of Purchase below.) 

3.  A 5% consumption tax is levied on all articles shown
    on the following pages.

4.  For shipment, you will be charged 
     a delivery fee of KURONEKO-YAMATO,
    the black cat-featured Yamato delivery company
    in addition to prices listed here.  

Procedure of Purchase

(1) Fill out our Order Form.

(2) Confirm "Method and Amount of Payment" sent from us.

(3) Pay or transfer money to our bank account.

(4) We confirm your payment.

(5) Articles ordered are shipped to a recipient.

(6) The articles are delivered to the recipient.

Order Form
For FAX and Email

Your Name :

E-mail address:

Your Address:

Your Phone No.:

Your Fax No.:

(If you don't have a fax,please leave this .)

Recipiant Name:

(If you don't send to other ,please leave this .)

Recipiant Address:

(If you don't send to other ,please leave this .)

Recipiant Phone No.:

(If you don't send to other ,please leave this .)


(Ex. SARUMINO-MONAKA 10(1500yen)*2 )


(Ex. I want to recieve it next Sunday! )
Method of Payment
When do you
want to receive?
month date

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