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Recommended by 
Ohyamada-mura Sightseeing Association &
Ohyamada-mura Business Chamber

10 - 1575yen
15 - 2362yen
20 - 3150yen
30 - 4725yen

Each box is packed with substantially the same numbers of white bean jam-filled wafers and granular bean jam-filled wafers, unless specified by the customer. In the case of 15-piece pack, the number of one of the two kinds of cakes is 8. The customer can specify the numbers of the two kinds of monaka's when he places an order with us. Example (20-piece pack): White bean jam type: 0
Granular bean jam type: 20.

This monaka (bean jam-filled wafers) has a fairly large 
size, with a weight of about 55 grams.  However, it is
so light in taste that even a person who has no sweet tooth
would feel like taking another one, and even still another.
Wafers are specially made not to be crumbly.
A sack with a brown print
contains monoka stuffed with
granular bean jam made
from "Dainagon beans
cropped in Hokkaido".

A sack with a sky blue print
contains mononaka stuffed with
"white bean jam mixed
with raisins !!!"


Matsuo Basho, the great master of haiku, who was born in
Ueno adjacent to our village, went through his famous 
journey "Oku no hosomichi" in September, 1689.  After paying a 
visit to the Ise Shrines during "Sengu" (removal of
a shrine), he was on his way to his home town, and was 
passing by the Kamiawa district of Ohyamada-mura, when he 
composed the following haiku:

  "Hatsushigure sarumo kominowo hosigenari."

   which means

   First shower in late autumn,
   Monkey envies my small straw raincoat.

This is a famous haiku which forms a corner stone of 
his supreme style of haiku, and Sarumino Anthology opens with this haiku.

Today, there is a Sarumino mound formed in honor of his great work
at a location where Basho composed the haiku. 

Our monaka's each have a shape formed after "mino (straw raincoat) & kasa (sedge hat)"
in memory of this famous haiku.  You can recognize the shape from
the image of a monaka without a sack on the tray shown in the upper part of this page,
the straw raincoat (mino) as the left part and the sedge hat (kasa) as the right part.
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