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Winner of "Industry Grand Prize" of the 19th Japan Confectionery Grand Fare

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"Moti (rice cake) Body" made using
the secret art of our shop is
very popular among our customers.

It is said that this moti (rice cake) was
originally eaten as "rice cake
for the dog days" for prevention of
weariness from the heat of summer by
every family in the Yamada district of
(Gion festival is held on Saturday and
Sunday of the last week of July.)


In ancient times, it happened that plague, floods, and cold summer 
continued to occur in this area, causing failures of all crops.  
Farmers found it very difficult to make a living.  Faced with this hardship, 
the farmers, i.e. people under protection of the community deity, gathered
together to discuss what to do.  They determined that they should not 
be discouraged but should pray to the god for their welfare and prosperity 
while hardening their bodies by bathing in the sun.
Good harvests continued from the next year on, so that the people could 
make a good living.  In memory of this, the people began to form moti into
elongated shapes, each of which symbolizes the human body, and baked 
the back of these moti pieces to black, to make a harvest thank 
offering to their god every year. 

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